Moët & Chandon
Nov, 2015

So Bubbly

So Bubbly features boundless bubbles that showcase the vibrancy and energy of the season.  Bubbles are the incarnation of Moët & Chandon, symbolising its sense of celebration, savoir-faire and pioneering spirit.  The dazzling bubbles capture the festive end-of-year ambiance to brighten every table.

In 2015, the So Bubbly limited edition is a bottle of Moët & Chandon's iconic Moët Impérial champagne, and a treasured gift in itself that can be shared with all.  Faithful to its pioneering spirit, and for the first time ever in Champagne, Moët & Chandon has elegantly deconstructed the Maison's label on the bottle amongst a cluster of golden bubbles.  Each bubble captures an element of the logo, sharing Moët & Chandon's abundant, celebration spirit and bringing it tothe holiday table.

The So Bubbly gift bag is an elegant, mirrored gift bag with black lace handle that showcases the So Bubbly bottle to perfection: the great addition to a memorable seasonal celebration.

The 'So Bubbly' Experience - In Miniature

The delightful miniature bottles feature the same unprecendented and exclusive Moët & Chandon deconstructed label as the larger format, and add their distinct charm to any end-of-year celebration.

A Grand Format for Grand Occasions

Exclusively for 2015, Moët & Chandon presents the So Bubbly Jeroboam limited edition.  This stunning, eye-catching bottle in large-format is handmade, and each individually bottle is uniquely numbered to mark the occasion.  The shiny, metallic So Bubbly Jeroboam incorporates real gold: it displays an elegant gold-plated tie and seal, embossed gold plated bubbles and a limited edition certification.

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